Graduation Initiative 2025 Goals

To meet the workforce demands of California’s economy, the CSU 2025 Initiative aims to graduate an additional 100,000 baccalaureate students, a total of more than one million, over the next ten years. SF State will contribute to this goal by increasing transfer and freshman graduation rates by an average of 11.25% and eliminating the opportunity gap.

Toward these ends, our campus plan is structured around six strategies:
  1. improved course availability and curriculum;
  2. coordinated, intrusive and strategic advising;
  3. broad accessibility and visibility of student success data;
  4. high-quality student experience in the first year of college for incoming freshmen;
  5. effective, targeted support services to achieve educational equity (directed specifically at our first-generation, low-income and underrepresented students, with special attention to men of color); and
  6. faculty hiring and development

Graduation Initiative 2025 Goals for SF State

Metric 2025 Goal 2017 Rate 2016 Rate
Freshman Four-Year Graduation 33% 17.8% 18.0%
Freshman Six-Year Graduation 69% 53.6% 53.2%
Transfer Two-Year Graduation 49% 36.4% 34.7%
Transfer Four-Year Graduation 86% 75.8% 74.7%
Gap – Underrepresented Minority 0 9.7% 8.5%
Gap – Pell 0 1.6% 0.6%