Long-Term Challenges

Challenges Contributing Factors Strategies
Graduation Delays
  • Undersupply of required courses
  • Inadequate advising
  • Institute data-informed curriculum planning
  • Support curriculum redesign 
  • Create new structures for intrusive advising
  • Hire and train more advisors
  • Renovate central advising office
Lower-Division Attrition
  • Low student engagement
  • Campus-wide analysis of the first year 
  • Expand metro college success program
  • Enhance co-curricular life (expand health promotion, improve residential life, career services)
Opportunity Gaps
  • Under-supported students
  • Under-supported faculty
  • Review campus tutoring and academic support
  • Improve early outreach to struggling students 
  • Identify and redesign courses with high d, w, f rates
  • Develop teaching and learning commons