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Foundations of Excellence First-year Experience Task Force Report

Graduation Denial Project - Spring 2017

Graduation Initiative 2025 Preliminary Progress Update – October 2018

Graduation Initiative 2025 Fall 2017 Progress Update

High Unit Project Report – Spring 2018

High Unit Project Report  Fall 2017

High Unit Project Report – Spring 2017

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) 2017 Snapshot Report

Six-Year Graduation and Attrition Report: Fall 2010 First-time, Full-time Freshmen Cohort

Student Academic Pathways Project (SAPP) Fall 2017 Poster Presentations

CSU Certificate Program in Student Success Analytics

The Certificate Program in Student Success Analytics is designed as an innovative and interactive professional development experience, which provides CSU faculty, staff, and administrators with a set of strategies to better understand what is working well and what needs to be improved to increase student success. Participants will not only develop advanced data literacy skills to glean insights on their respective campuses, they will also engage in hands-on action research projects to help bring these insights into practice.

SF State's 2018 Research Project Presentations

Genie Stowers – Size of the Core Curriculum in Undergraduate Majors-Is There an Impact upon Graduation Rates?

Leyla Ozsen & Wei Zhai – Predicting Student Success in Online College of Business Courses

David Woo – Exploring Experiences of CHSS Students and Their Academic Success at SF State

Celia Graterol, Paul Previde, Rama Kased, Savi Malik, Mary Beth Love, Qiao Y. Kuang – Metro Course Pathways – Is Three Better than One? The Impact of Metro Curriculum "Dose" on Persistence and Graduation

Tianne Feliciano – College of Health & Social Sciences Course Analysis

Mary Beth Love, Paul Previde, Celia Graterol, Rama Kased, Savi Malik, Qiao Y. Kuang – What About Engagement, as Measured by NSSE, Differs for Metro Students and May Contribute to Metro's Success in Graduation?

Rama Kased, Celia Graterol, Savi Malik, Mary Beth, Qiao Y. Kuang – Exploring How Math Course Timing and Continuous Participation Influences Performance, Persistence, and Graduation

Tom E. Thomas – Does Student Advising Affect Persistance and Graduation Rates?

Claude Bartholomew – The Role of Lower-Division Major Courses in Student Success